(703) 425-5020 | 3883 Pickett Road, Fairfax, VA 22031

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COVID-19 Update

We hope everyone is staying healthy and sane during this time! We appreciate everyone’s patience with the extra steps we are having to go through in seeing you at this time. We are still operating with minimal staff to reduce everyone’s exposure.

  • We will continue curbside services until conditions greatly improve and we are instructed to do otherwise. (Weekdays 9AM-12Noon and 3PM - 5PM & Saturdays 9AM-1PM).
    • Appointments are required, since staff has to be gowned and disinfected for every patient.
    • Vaccine appointments are available.
    • Anal glands, cat nail trims and other typical ‘walk-in appointments’ are available, but please call ahead for a good time.
  • Surgical appointments are available, but there is a back-log, so call early to get a spot reserved.
  • Canine nail trims are available at the grooming department of Montrose Pet Hotel. Appointments are required, but easy to schedule (703) 425-5000.